Books for Good Readers

A Fiery Imagination

To be published in English in December 2018

A novel for young people with an unbridled imagination. By testing new and sometimes surprising experiments, Nelson is discovering the secret of black holes, meteorites and weightlessness. With his dyslexic friends, will he succeed in solving the mystery of the letters hidden behind “E = mc²”? Let’s start an amazing journey in conquering the world of imagination… This book is perfect for parents and teachers who want to inspire children to read and understand simple scientific concepts.



Where is Archimedes?

To be published in December 2018

A Novel for Young Children Who Love Sport Adventure

A Fiery Imagination will take Nelson, a young American under the affectionate and watchful eye of his grumpy grandfather, to France where he will have adventures with his family and French cousins playing soccer, kitesurfing and diving. He must put aside his fears to realize his dreams and solve sometimes madcap scientific experiments.